Necklace Triquetra


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The stainless-steel pendant has the shape of a Celtic knot. It comes with a black band that can be adjusted to the desired length.

The name Triquetra comes from Latin, meaning “triangle” or “tricorne”. These are three interconnected arcs that are “knotted” around a closed circle.

This ancient symbol is many thousand years old, and has been seen and used by different cultures. It is likely that the Triquetra was a symbol of the Trinity for the Celts.  One theory states, that it represents the unity of birth, life, and death; another, that it stands for the three (classical) Celtic elements earth, air and water. Whichever way you see it – this is a sign of protection and fortune, and thus makes a good looking accessories for the Camino de Santiago.

  •     Size pendant: about 30 x 30 mm
  •     Length necklace: about 35 cm
  •     Weight: about 6 g

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Weight 21 g