Wooden cross Tau



The cross in the form of the Greek letter Tau is also known under the name of St. Anthony Cross. Since the earliest days of Christianity, this version of the Tau cross has survived.

This special cross came to the Camino de Santiago in Spain through the monks of the Order of Antonit, who settled in different places among the Way of St. James in the Middle Ages, with the mission to look after sick pilgrims.

We receive the wooden cross Tau directly from our friends and partners in the Holy Land, where they are still being produced by hand.

Our special cross Tau is made of olive wood and comes with a drawstring. If you prefer a (more stable) leather strap, you can order it in this category.

  •     little Tau cross:
  •     Height: 15 mm / width: 15 mm
  •     big Tau cross:
  •     Height: approx. 33 mm / width: approx. 30 mm

Additional information

Weight N/A

15 mm, 28 mm

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