Rent a Carrix with pack bag

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You can also rent the Carrix together with a packsack.

You can choose between a 45-liter or a 70-liter packsack (please specify when ordering).


The rental price is as follows:

one week

€ 80, –

two weeks

€ 153, –


three weeks

€ 219, –

four weeks

€ 278, –

five weeks

€ 330, –

every additional week

€ 50, –


When ordering, please select the loan period and add it to the cart.

There is a refundable deposit fee to rent the Carrix which is ​​€ 600, -. Once decided please transfer this amount in advance to our bank account. (Or get in touch with us)

After returning the Carrix in perfect condition you will get back the deposit minus the rental price. If you have decided to rent the Carrix, please inform us about your preferred rental period.

We aim at shipping the Carrix to you a few days prior to your departure, so that he arrives with advance for your convenience (shipping costs € 3.90 (This may slightly differ depending on your country of residence. Please confirm the shipping price with us.))

At the end of your journey, please return the Carrix to us (at your expense).

Fallen in love with the Carrix and the packsack combo?  No worries, if you decide after your trip to buy the Carrix and the packsack, we will gladly make you an offer.

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1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 7 weeks