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The pilgrim’s bag by Pilgino is a true surprise bag for every pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago. It comprises of all the little things that make a pilgrimage easier and really help solve some common “pilgrim problems”. In addition, all these things come in a practical and stable 1-liter zipper bag (with resealable zipper) that doesn’t make crunchy noises.

The pilgrim’s bag by Pilgino includes:

  • Pilgrim shell (with red Jacob’s Cross): THE universal symbol of the pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago since the Middle Ages
  • about 4 m of leash, which can serve as a clothesline in hostels, but also e.g. used for all sort of hacks like repairs of the backpack.
  • 12 large safety pins (50 mm), for all kind of repairs. E.g. repairing or drying clothes on the trip attached to the backpack as used by many pilgrims. (No wind blowing the T-shirt from the leash in the hostel accidents). Others use them to airdry their hiking socks while walking, they are pinned on the back of the backpack.
  • Small sewing set with needle, thread, small scissors, fishing line, etc. (see description on sewing set). For small repairs on clothes. It has been proven that almost every pilgrim needs needle and thread in between. Additionally, a needle and thread (and possibly scissors) are helpful utensils in the treatment of blisters (see blister advice).
  • Ear plugs, 2 pairs, from Moldex in a convenient and hygenic storage box. That way all the snores in the hostels lose their terror.
  • The incredible Spork (or in German: Göffel): The combination of fork and spoon (including cutting edge as a knife replacement) is a practical helper at every pilgrim’s pitstop and in all the hostels, which have no or a poorly equipped kitchen. The spork is made of sturdy (almost unbreakable) plastic and thus withstands easily harsh treatment in a backpack.
  • A shell-formed german candy to give away as a gift, or for a successful sweet break.
  • As an extra a Pin. This may be the pictured shell or the original yellow arrow or the cross (see Gifts & Keepsakse / Pins & Pendants).

Weight: approx. 150 g

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Weight 180 g

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