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Source’s ingenious drinking tube Convertube transforms every commercially available PET bottle (28 mm) into a hydration system. Even Sigg and Volvic bottles (or equivalent replicas) are no problem with the supplied adapter.

(Caution: the hydration system will not fit bottles with 34 mm caps, for example certain Volvic, Evian, or Vittel brands, but this closure size is poorly represented in Spanish on the Camino de Santiago).

The 95 cm long water hose is antibacterial and has a leak-proof bite valve (with additional protective cap). On the side of the screw cap, a thinner tube runs into the drinking tube. You can pull it out to different lengths and adapt it to your existing drinking bottle (or bottle from the supermarket). Incidentally, a valve on the screw cap lets air into the bottle when it is being drunk, so you do not need to “suck in” against a negative pressure.

A drinking system with a drinking tube is the most convenient “water solution” during a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, especially in the summer months. Due to the easy water access, you drink more often, as you can access the water hose anytime without having to stop for breaks. Always stay hydrated!

Length of hose: approx. 90 cm

Weight: approx. 75 g (without bottle and adapter) (160 g incl. Packaging)

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Weight 160 g

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