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Trangoworld’s Skin Micro Lite is probably the lightest self-inflating mattress in its class. Combined with the high-quality workmanship, it creates one of the best sleeping mats for the Camino de Santiago.

With its weight of about 540 g, the Skin Mirco Lite is lighter than most mattresses made of foamed materials. The low weight is achieved mainly by the “mummy cut” (similar to sleeping bags) and by large air channels in the filling foam. The thermal protection is increased by the large air channels. A small disadvantage is the set-up time of the self-inflating mattress, due to its self-inflating nature it takes a bit longer than simply spreading out a foam mattress.

The Skin Micro Lite is covered with ARTISTRETCH, an elastic, rubber-like material (polyurethane). The extremely slip-resistant material (no sliding on the cold ground at night), and the adjustability of the elastic surface adapt better to the bumps in the floor (reducing the risk of holes) and thus deliver significantly more surface for the body. This bonus improves the comfort of lying, and makes the Skin Micro Lite easily superior to other mats of the same thickness (3 cm).

(Caution: Due to the dark colour (grey) and the consistency of the material, this mat is slightly more sensitive to direct sunlight. Please be aware of this fact and do not leave it lying around in direct sunlight for longer periods of time.)

For ease of use, the Skin Micro Lite is equipped with the patented ROUNDLIP® valve by Trangoworld. This valve offers an extra locking system that additionally protects the lips from injury, and allows easy opening and closing of the valve during inflating of the mat.

The mat is delivered including a storage bag, Packing bag and two rubber packs.

  •     Pack size: about 27 cm x 14 cm
  •     Length: 185 cm
  •     Width: 50 cm (widest point)
  •     Thickness: 3 cm
  •     Weight: approx. 540 g (mat only)

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Weight 540 g

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