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Is there anything better then sleeping in silence? With twelve people sleeping in your pilgrim hostel dorm, there’s a pretty good chance one of them snores. So, unless that one is you, you’ll want earplugs, and preferably the kind that is comfortable as you will wear them many nights on end. These Moldex ear plugs are made of elastic foam that gently expands and closes your ear against noise. The ear plugs are comfortable to wear and still leave residual noise (so you will not be totally deaf).

Since the wearer plans to have them in for many consecutive hours, will put pillow pressure on them, and wear them for many nights on end, comfort is king. These are made of elastic foam that you need to twist to insert into the external auditory canal.

In our practical plastic case are always two pairs of ear plugs in funny colors.

Sleep well!

Weight: approx. 10 g

A plastic case with two pairs of earplugs is also included in the Pilgrim’s Bag.

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Weight 15 g

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