Mini sewing kit


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Our mini sewing kit is the small, practical helper of the pilgrim. Whether it’s a little sewing job on your clothes or an emergency repair on your backpack – our sewing kit will help you out of a jam. Needle and thread, tweezers and mini-scissors also complete the first aid kit for dealing with minor “medical” pilgrim problems.

  • – Mini-scissors (also for cutting off wound plasters)
  • – Scissors currently with white handle (picture: black handle)
  • – Tweezers (also for removing splinters or ticks if necessary)
  • – Thread assortment in different colours
  • – Sewing needles
  • – pins
  • – threader
  • – Spare buttons
  • – safety pin

Weight: approx. 40 g

A sewing kit is also included in the Pilgrim Bag Deluxe and the Pilgrim Bag by Pilgino.

Additional information

Weight 45 g

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