Scallop Pilgrim Shell with red cross and red ribbon


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For many hundreds of years, people have been making pilgrimages to the apostle’s tomb, carrying the scallop shell as a sign of their pilgrimage. The pilgrims used to bring the scallop shell proudly home from Santiago and even have been buried with it. The Pilgrim shell (with red Jacob’s Cross) is THE universal symbol of the pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago since the Middle Ages.

Even today, almost all pilgrims on the Way of St. James carry the typical scallop shell. Mostly it is attached to the backpack and signals from afar that this is a pilgrim and not a “normal hiker”. Pilgrims experience that they are being recognized as pilgrims on the way to Santiago by the shell, and are being met with special attention and hospitality along the way.

Our scallop is a natural product and comes from Galicia. It has two holes at the top for a cord or a leather strap if you would like to customize it. In addition, the shell is painted with the red Jacob cross. Please note that the scallop shell is a natural product and as such the color might differ as each shell is uniquely hand painted.

Diameter: about 10 cm to 12 cm

Weight: about 40-60 g

A scallop shell is also included in the pilgrim’s bag of Pilgino.

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Weight 60 g

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